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"What's New" Items

Here is a listing of "What's New" on WarWheels.Net.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom. Information Prior to January 1, 2017 is listed in the Archives below.

Date Item Updated or Added
April 18, 2017 Courtesy of first time WW contributor Mark Hallam, we have a few unique CVR(W) Fox Photos, including one showing a vehicle with a severely bent barrel that was caused by an accident while on Exercise in Germany, circa 1993.
April 16th Today we've completely updated our Ferret 1 & 1/1 Scout Car Index.
April 11th Ron Bell continues his assault on small scale projects with his build of a 1/76 Matchbox Daimler Dingo Scout Car Model.
April 6th Good friend of WW Stephen Tegner has posted a very large number of scanned pages from the Daimler Armored Car Technical Manual on Google Photos. Check them out at the above link.
April 1st   The April issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine is here and there's a lot of content that should be interesting to WarWheels visitors.  The relevant articles include"Motown to Moscow" by Emrys Kirby which highlights the GAZ-67/67B Utility Vehicles, "Playing it Safe" by James Kinnear, which spotlights the BA-10 Armored Car and "Storm Force" by Louise Limb, showcasing the Land Rover 110 SAS Desert Patrol Vehicle. 
March 31st We've done a little "light housekeeping" today with a fairly considerable reconfiguration of our "Links" Page. Not only have we removed bad links, but we've (hopefully) made the page easier to find the interesting websites we've listed.
March 30th Javier Villarroya has contacted us with information of his new 1/35 Spanish Army/Guardia Civil IVECO LMV Lince Photo-Etched Update/Detail Set.  Javier states the detail set helps update the Italeri kit to the Spanish version now seeing service in Central Africa and Libya.  For more information about the set you can contact Javier directly at fjvillarroya@yahoo.com . 
March 28th You know, it seems like there has been a never-ending number of hobby modelling products being released lately.  Well, here's a few more: Ace Models’ 1/72 V-100 (XM-706E1) Armored Car Model Kit (72431); Bronco Model’s 1/35 Humber Mark 3 Armored Car Model Kit (CB35112); Modelltrans Modellbau’s 1/72 HMMWV S-250 Shelter (MTD7240) and 1/72 HMMWV S-788 Shelter (MTD7239); Toro Model’s 1/35 “Polish APC Rosomak Vol. 3” Decals (35D43) and 1/35 “Polish APC Rosomak Placards” (35D45); and W-Model’s 1/72 resin SA-8 Gecko/9K33 OSA SAM System Model Kit (WB-01).
March 22nd Today we have photos of Rick Tuck's 1/35 M998 HMMWV Recon Vehicle Model (75th Ranger Regiment - Circa 1985), for your viewing pleasure.
March 18th And to complete the hobby product announcements, here are the aftermarket items coming soon: Black Dog’s 1/35 Hummer Mini-Pumper (Fire Truck) Conversion Set (T35184), 1/35 Dutch Fennek Accessory Set (T35186) and 1/35 German Fennek 1A2 Accessory Set (T35187), both for the applicable Trumpeter kits; FC Model Trend’s 1/35 Spanish M8, M20 and C15 'Trumphy' Decals (FCM35215); Panzer Art’s 1/35 BTR 40 Canvas Top Cover (RE35-464); Panzershop’s 1/35 Skoda PA-2 Wheel Set (PS35A345) for both the Hobbyboss & Takom kits and 1/35 Skoda PA-2 Turtle Chassis Correction Set (PS35269) for the Hobbyboss kit; SP Designs’ 1/35 BTR-94 APC Conversion (1594) for the Trumpeter BTR-80 kit; and Voyager Model’s 1/35 U.S. MIM-104C Patriot 1 System Basic Detail Set (PE35866) for Dragon Kit #3558.
March 17th Today, we're listing hobby model kits that have been announced during the past week or two.  They are Blue Square Models’ resin 1/72 Semovente da 47/32 su Scafo AB41 Kit (B72023); Bronco Model’s 1/35 T17E1 Staghound Mk. 1 Armoured Car (Late Production) with 12 Foot Assault Bridge Kit (CB35115); Diopark’s 1/35 Field-Modified Civilian Truck w/122mm Rocket Launcher Kit (DP35016) and Field-Modified Civilian Truck w/UB-32 Rocket Launchers model (DP35020); and MMK’s 1/35 resin ATMP with SLLPT Trailer Set (F3063).
March 16th Three books dedicated to armored cars/wheeled fighting vehicles have been recently announced.  They are Haynes Publishing's "Rolls-Royce Armoured Car Owners' Workshop Manual: 1915-44 (All Models)" by David Fletcher, Sabot Publications' "Stryker MGS Mobile Gun System in Combat” (Warmachines 02), and Tankograd Publishing’s “ESK - Mungo Light Protected Vehicle for Specialised Forces” (5065) by Carl Schulze.
March 11th Back to the Ferrets.  Courtesy of Clive Elliott again, we just posted a few more pics of Ferret Instructional aids, specifically different hulls and even a table-top 3D electrical system diagram.  To find them you can go to any of the Ferret Scout Car indices we have, including that of the Mark 2.
March 9th I'm very pleased to announce we've gotten some extraordinary reference material for hosting here, courtesy of good friend, and Editor of The Shorland Site, Clive Elliott. We've included his tome "British Army Green Paints" (In PDF) to the site.  The article delves deeply into the often misunderstood subject of the use of green paint by the British post-war Army.   
March 4th Here's more Ferret photos from Patrick; These of a Ferret Mark 2 "Cut Away" vehicle.
March 2nd Today, we've put up some pics of a Ferret Mark 2/3 Scout Car taken by Patrick a couple years ago.
February 28th   The March issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has already arrived.  It contains the article "Three's a Crowd" by Louise Limb, which features the story of the restoration of a Series IIA Half-Ton Lightweight Land Rover, using parts from three vehicles.
February 23rd Don Allen's back with some pics of the T18E2 Boarhound 8x8 Armored Car.
February 22nd The onslaught continues with these hobby modeling product announcements: Aber's 1/35 25mm M242 Bushmaster (Early) Chain Gun Barrel & 7.62mm M240 Machine Gun Barrel (35 L-180); Miniarm's 1/35 GAZ 233014 Tiger Wheel Set (B35124) for the Meng and Xact kits, GAZ 233115 Tiger-M (SOF) Wheel Set (B35125) for the Meng kit and 9A52-2 Smerch-M (Vi-203 -Late) Wheel Set (B35141) for the Meng & Trumpeter kits; and Star Decal's 1/35 "Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the 1980's Iraq-Iran War: Iranian Tanks & AFVs #2" (T-55, Type-59, T-72M, BMP-1, ZSU-23-4 & BRDM-2) (35-C1051), "Soviet and Russian Naval Infantry #2" (BTR-60PB, BTR-70, BRDM-2, BRDM-2 Konkurs & PTS-M) (35-C1055) and "Soviet and Russian Naval Infantry #3" (2S9 Anona, 2S23 Nona SVK, 2S1 122mm Howitzer, MT-LB 6MB MT-LB with ZSU-23 & SA-13 Gopher) (35-C1056).
February 20th Here's a few more products from E.T. Model that slipped in just after publishing yesterday: 1/35 9P148 Konkurs (BRDM-2 Spandrel) Weighted Road Wheels (ER35-064) for the Trumpeter Kit (05515), SdKfz 234 Weighted Road Wheels -Type 1 (ER35-065), SdKfz 234 Weighted Road Wheels -Type 2 (ER35-066), both for the Dragon Series of Kits; and GAZ 39371 High-Mobility Multipurpose Military Vehicle Weighted Road Wheels (ER35-067) for the Trumpeter Kit.
February 19th Yet again, there's been a slew of hobby modeling products announced.  They are 1/35 Live Resin's 1/35 Twin-Mount M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun for HMMWV and GMV Vehicles (Includes Roof Ring and A-Base) (LRE35289), Twin-Mount M2E2 (M2A1) Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun with Flash Suppressor for HMMWV and GMV (LRE35290), US MARSOC/Navy SEAL GMV-M Hexagon Turret (LRE35291), US MARSOC/Navy SEAL GMV-M Hexagon Turret with Handmade Ammo Cradle -Side Version (LRE35292), US MARSOC/Navy SEAL GMV-M Hexagon Turret with Handmade Ammo Cradle - Back Version (LRE35293), US MARSOC/Navy SEAL SAG Shield with Handmade Clipper Limiter (LRE35294); Modelcollect's 1/72 3M-54 Club M (SS-N-27 Sizzler) On MZKT 7930 Chassis Coastal Defense Missile System Model Kit (UA72091); Toro Model's 1/35 KTO Rosomak Civilian Temporary License Plates (35026), Rosomak Road Priority Symbols (35023) and Rosomak Turretless Vehicle Conversion (35025); and 1/72 W-Model's  Buk M2E “Grizzly” SAM System Model Kit.
February 17th

  The March issue from WW sponsor Airfix Model World Magazine is already available and contains one article featuring the modeling of a "wheelie". It's titled "Pocket-Sized Scout" and covers Toni Canfora's build of the 1/48 Tamiya Humber Mark 4 Armored Car kit.

February 16th Today, we've put up another review of a book by author David Doyle.  It is "Dragon Wagon Part 2:  A Visual History Of The U.S. Army’s Heavy Tank Transporter 1955-1975" by Chuck Aleshire of AMPS Chicagoland.
February 15th Courtesy of long-time friend of WW Don Allen, we've added more photos of the Australian Dingo 4x4 Scout Car.
February 14th   The February issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has hit my doorstep and there's big news to report. The magazine has got a brand new look along with offering new features and new content as well.  It also contains the "wheelie-centric" article, "The Ride of the Reivers"  by Duncan Glen.  The article features the annual "Coquet Run" by Jeeps and other military vehicles in the Northumbrian hills of England.
February 12th We've put up a few more photos of the Buffalo A1 and A2 MPCV courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense and Virginia Army National Guard Public Affairs Office.
February 8th While on the subject of Centauro vehicles, we've added photos of the Centauro MGS 120/105 (AKA: Centauro Wheeled Tank Destroyer) courtesy of Consorzio IVECO-Oto Melara.
February 7th Today we've added a vehicle index of the brand-spanking-new Centauro 2 Main Gun System 120/105.
January 31st Once again, there are a number of hobby modeling products recently announced.  They are Black Dog's 1/35 Australian Special Forces Land Rover Accessory Set (T35180), Australian Special Forces Land Rover Wheel Set (T35183) and Australian Special Forces Land Rover "Big" Set (T35181), all for the Hobby Boss Land Rover (WMIK?) kit and 1/35 Belgian Special Forces UNIMOG Accessory Set (T35182) for the Revell of Germany kit; ICM's 1/35 Panhard 178 Model Kit with French Armoured VC (Vehicle Crew?) (35381), German Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) Railway Version Model Kit (35376), (Ford) Model T 1917 Australian LCP Model Kit (35663); and Trumpeter's 1/35 9P140 TEL of 9K57 (BM-27 Uragan) MLRS System Model Kit (01026).
January 29th We've totally redone our vehicle index covering the British WWII-era Bison Concrete Armored Truck, which includes "new" photos.
January 26th Today, we've finally finished our last Jeep ancestor entry with the inclusion of the Willys Quad 1/4 ton 4x4 Recon Car Index.
January 24th A few more hobby modeling products have been announced in the past couple days including Armory's 1/72 96K6 Pantsir-C1 (SA-22 Greyhound) Anti-Aircraft Weapon System Model Kit, Panzer Art's 1/35 Daimler M-35/ADGZ Road Wheels (Continental Pattern) (RE35-453) and Trumpeter's 1/35 9P138 BM-21 GRAD Multiple Rocket Launch System Model Kit (01032).
January 21st Going into the Jeep's past again, we've posted a new index covering the Ford Pygmy 1/4 Ton 4x4 Recon Car.
January 20th Here's Part 2 of our latest hobby modelling product announcements (minus the wheel sets). The items are Echelon Fine Details’ 1/35 Decal Sets: “Soviet AFVs: Afghanistan War Pt 3” (Shilka, BMD-1 & BRDM-2) (D356228), “Soviet AFVs: Afghanistan War Pt 4” (Shilka, BMD-1, BRDM-2, MT-LB & URAL-4320) (D356229), “Ukrainian AFVs: Ukraine-Russia Crisis Pt 8” (BMD-1, BRDM-2 & BM-21) (D356230), “Ukrainian AFVs: Ukraine-Russia Crisis Pt 9” (BMD-1, MT-LB & ZIL-131 Gun Truck) (D356231) and “Novorossian AFVs: Ukraine-Russia Crisis Pt 10” (BRDM-2 & BMD-2) (D356232); Italeri’s 1/35 Land Rover Series III 109 “Guardia Civil" Model Kit (6542); Master’s 1/35 Rosomak ATK Mk44 30mm Gun Barrel (GM-35-012) for the IBG Kit; MR Modellbau’s 1/35 Sdkfz 221 Stowage & Personal Gear Set (MR35545) for the Hobby Boss Kits; and Tiger Model's 1/35 AMX-10RC Wheeled Reconnaissance Vehicle -Gulf War 1991 Model Kit (4609). 
January 19th Since our last hobby modelling product update, a LARGE number of items have been announced. So, with this one, we're splitting it up into two parts.  Part 1 will consist ONLY of wheel sets. They are: Custom Factory’s 1/35 BMP-K K-17 (VPK-7829) Boomerang Wheel Set (CF35082) for the Panda Hobby Kit; Hauler's 1/72 1 BTR-60 Wheel Set (HLH72061) for the Ace, ICM or S-Model kits and 1/48 BTR-60 Wheel Set (HLX48377) for the Mikromir kit; ModellTrans Modellbau’s 1/72 TPz 1 "Fuchs" (Late) Wheel Set (MT72186) and SpPz 2 "Luchs" (Late) Wheel Set (MT72159), both for the applicable Revell kits; and Panzer Art’s 1/35 BTR-60 Road Wheels (RE35-442), BTR-70 Road Wheels (RE35-443), BTR-80 Road Wheels (RE35-444) and Sd.Kfz 231/232 (6 Rad) Road Wheels (RE35-465).
January 12th While "cleaning up", we found a few lone photos of different types of HMMWV's lying about.  They are courtesy of the U.S. Army and U.S. Department of Defense.  So, if you're interested in the M1114 Uparmored Humvee, M1151 ECV Armament Carrier or M1152 ECV Cargo/Troop Carrier, check out their respective pages.
January 8th Back to Landys for us.  Our newest installment is a Land Rover Series 1 SAS Patrol Vehicle Index.
January 5th   The January issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has arrived with its usual bevy of wheel-centric articles included.  The relevant articles are "Military Marvel" (featuring the Esarco 6x6 & 8x8 ATV's) authored by John Norris, "Plastic Surgery" (discusses types of plastic-based armor used on military vehicles) by Ian Young and "SAS Land Rovers" written by James Taylor.
January 2, 2017 Today we present a new vehicle index on the M6 37mm Gun Motor Carriage.

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