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"What's New" Items

Here is a listing of "What's New" on WarWheels.Net.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom. Information Prior to December 1, 2017 is listed in the Archives below.

Date Item Updated or Added
February 18, 2018   We got our February 2018 issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine and it doesn't disappoint as there's lots for us interested in armored cars and wheeled fighting vehicles. The applicable articles are "Autocars at Amiens" by Tim Gosling, "Battle Bus"  (featuring a replica M54 5-Ton Gun Truck) authored by Louise Lamb, "Radios and Rifles" (covering a Land Rover Series III FFR Lightweight) by Clare Westbrook and "Years Ahead of Its Time" (highlighting the prototype Standard Jungle Airborne Buggy) written by Duncan Glen.
February 17th Good friend of WW, George Bradford, has started producing new scale AFV line drawings again and is offering up his entire line up for purchase.  So, we've added a hyperlink to his page AFV News Tank Plans on our "Links" section.
February 11th Today, we've posted the last vehicle index covering the British-built WWI era Austin cars, the Austin 3rd Series (Improved)/ 4th Series Armored Car.
February 10th Getting close to the end of the "Austin Story", with the addition of a vehicle index covering the Austin (3rd Series) Armored Car.

Also, a couple more hobby model product announcements to post.  They are Mantis Miniatures' 1/35 Willys Jeep Basket & Canvas Set (MAC-14) for the Tamiya kit and Miniarm's (re-released) 1/35 BRDM-1 Sagged Wheel Set (B35062) and 1/35 Tigr-M Kord 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun on 6U16 Turret (B35152) for the Meng Model kit.
February 9th One quick update for now.  Model Miniature has announced two new products: a 1/72 Panhard VBL MILAN Anti-Tank Vehicle Model Kit (MM-R222) and a 1/72 Diorama (EBR) Tire Set (MM-R223).
February 6th Following up on Sunday's addition, we've uploaded a new vehicle index covering the Austin (2nd Series) Armored Car.
February 5th Yet again, a few more hobby modeling products have been announced.  They are Thunder Model's 1/35 Morris C9/B Bofors Gun Truck Model Kit (35210); Tiger Model's 1/35 Panhard ERC-90 F1 Lynx Model Kit (4632); and Toro Model's 1/35 Polish KTO Rosomak OSS-D Turret (35027).
February 4th Today's addition to the website is a new vehicle index entry for the Russian Austin (1st Series) Armored Car.
February 1st   We received the January 2018 issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine and it contains a number of articles with coverage of armored cars/wheeled fighting vehicles. They are "Champion Fun" by Toby Savage (sharing his memories of "off-roading" with an Austin Champ), "Porsche's Masterpiece"  authored by Karl Ludvigsen (covering the Type 166 Schwimmwagen) and "Wheels of Steel" written by Louise Lamb [featuring the Belgian Minerva TT (licensed built Land Rover Series 1) Utility Vehicle].
January 28th Here's a couple stragglers in terms of hobby modelling products recently announced.  They are ICM's 1/35 Panhard P 204(f) Armored Car with CDM Turret Model Kit (35377) and the book "IDF Jeeps", authored by Tom Gannon and published by Trackpad Publishing.
January 27th Today's addition is a new vehicle index covering the Canadian LAV 6.0/LAV III Upgrade (LAV UP).
January 26th Yes, we have a few more photos via Vitaly; these of the BRDM-2 RkHB Chemical Recon Car.
January 21st Vitaly Kuzmin is back with photos of the BTR-80 based BREM-K Armored Recovery Vehicle.
January 18th Just a wee update in the form of hobby modeling products announced by KMT. They are 1/35 Paquetages (Stowage) AML-60 OPEX (KMT 35053K) and Paquetages AML-90 OPEX (KMT 35054K), both for the applicable Takom kit.
January 16th Long time friend of WarWheels Julio Montes, has provided more photos of the Gaucho Light Strike Vehicle (LSV).
January 15th Going back toward our hobby modeling focus, we have some photos of John Wendt's 1/35 Revell of Germany Fuchs NBC Detection Vehicle Model seen at this past Saturday's AMPS Chicagoland club meeting.
January 11th   Probably due to the holiday mail rush, I finally got the December 2017 issue Classic Military Vehicle magazine. As usual, it has a couple articles dedicated to our ilk, including "Dump Trucks" authored by Glenn Sands (which features a replica U.S. SEAL Mazda B-Series Pick-Up) and "Fighting Fit" written by Louise Lamb and covering the Austin Champ Utility Vehicle.

Also, we have one hobby modeling product announcement by Hong Kong Creation Workshop: a 1/35 Saladin Mark 2 Armored Car Update Set (HKCW CK3525) for the Dragon kit.
January 8th Today's update is a new index covering the Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) produced by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann.
January 6, 2018 Happy New Year folks!  To start out the year, we've posted a new vehicle index of the Swedish Archer FH77 BW L52 Self-Propelled Howitzer.
December 31, 2017 As our last update for the year, we've added an index for the second (and last) finalist in the Aussie Land 400 Program competition: the Boxer CRV (Combat Recon Vehicle).
December 28th Staying with the recent theme, we've posted a new index for the Australian AMV35 (Armored Modular Vehicle 35).
December 25th Following up on yesterday's addition of the Patria AMV. we've added photos of the AMV AMOS, Nemo and LM40 Turreted versions.
December 24th It's been a long time coming, but we've finally posted a new index covering the Patria Armored Modular Vehicle (AMV).

Also, Black Dog has announced two new hobby modeling products: a Humvee "Julkat" (Danish Special Forces) Conversion (T35213) and another Land Rover WMIK Conversion (T35214).
December 21st Today we've posted a few new photos of the Puma 4x4/6x6 APC courtesy of Consorzio Iveco-Oto Melara.
December 20th We're back to modern vehicles, but staying with Brit stuff.  We've added about 20 photos of the Foxhound Lightweight Protected Patrol Vehicle courtesy of the UK Ministry of Defence.

Also, Voyager Model has announced two 1/35 model kit updates.  They are the KamAZ-63968 Typhoon-K Basic Detail Set (PE35910) for the Takom kit and VPK-7289 Bumerang APC (Object K-16) Basic Detail Set (PE35942) Panda Hobby.
December 19th

  The January 2018 issue from WW sponsor Airfix Model World Magazine is already available and contains the article "Wild Canine" by Paul Cawte; which features his build of the 1/35 Revell of Germany Dingo 2 GE A3.3 PatSi kit as a "fantasy" Kurdish operated vehicle.

December 12th Staying with early vehicles, we've added a new vehicle index for the Seabrook Armored Truck.

Also, one additional hobby modeling product has been announced by AntResin: a 1/35 Rooikat Armored Car Sagged Wheel Set (AR-35008) for the Trumpeter kit.
December 8th Today, we've added a new vehicle index for the World War One era Lanchester 4x2 Armored Car.
December 7th We've added a few photos featuring the Kfz 13 "Adler" 4x2 Armored Car via the German Bundesarchiv.  A couple of those pics also give a small glimpse of Sdkfz 231/232 6 Rad Armored Cars as well.
December 5th And once again, a number of hobby model products have been announced.  They are Echelon Fine Details' 1/35 marking sets "Task Force Bandit & 11 ACR Humvee Markings" (M1114 & M1151) (D356233), "Russian Military Police AFVs In Syria: KamAZ Typhoon K, GAZ Tiger-M & Others" (Includes Parts to replicate the Light Bar) (D356248) and "IDF AML 90" (D356249); Mantis Miniatures' 1/35 KTO Rosomak Accessories Set (MAC13); and Tamiya's 1/48 British LRDG Command Car 30cwt Truck Model Kit (32593).
December 4th Following up on yesterday's addition, we now have more photos of the Panhard AML-60 Armored Car via Don.
December 3, 2017 Don Allen is back with detail photos of the Panhard AML-90 Armored Car, taken at The Tank Museum - Bovington.

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