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"What's New" Items

Here is a listing of "What's New" on WarWheels.Net.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom. Information Prior to October 1, 2018 is listed in the Archives below.

Date Item Updated or Added
December 9, 2018 Today, we've posted a new index covering the French P4P Protégé (Protected Vehicle).
December 2nd Here's another Piranha vehicle index for you; covering the Belgian Piranha 3C 8x8 DF30 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
December 1st Since we added a bit of Piranha info yesterday, we figured it wouldn't hurt if we added more today in the form of a new index covering the Piranha 3C 8x8 DF90 Fire Support Vehicle.
November 30th After a bit of a problem week with the website (we couldn't post anything), we're finally able to put up our brand spanking new Piranha 3 Armored Fighting Vehicle Series Index.
November 20th Today we've added photos of the Pandur 1 Ambulance and Armored Personnel Carrier, courtesy of the Austrian Bundesheer. 

In addition, Tamiya has announced a 1/48 Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle (MCV) Model Kit (32596), to follow up their 1/35 offering.
November 17th Star-Decals has announced a large number of markings that are now available in 1/35. They are:"Vietnam Gun Trucks #1: US M54 5-ton Truck with M113 'The Lifer'" (35-C1176); "Vietnam Gun Trucks #2: US M54 5-ton Truck with M113 'The Colonel’ (Red)" (35-C1177); "Vietnam Gun Trucks #3: US M54 5-ton Truck with M113 'The Colonel’ (Blue)" (35-C1178); "Middle East 1948 #1: Egyptian Mixed Tanks and AFV's" (Includes Humber Mark IV AC & Daimler Dingo Scout Car) (35-C1179); "SS-Totenkopf: Invasion of France 1940" (Includes Panhard 178) (35-C1180); "Fall Blau and Stalingrad #1: 60th Inf. Div." (Includes Kubelwagen) (35-C1183); "Fall Blau and Stalingrad #2: 3rd Inf. Div & 16th Inf. Div." (Includes Kubelwagen) (35-C1184); "Ordnungs Polizei #1: ADGZ 8x8 Armoured Car- Anti Partisan and Security Service" (35-C1186); "Ordnungs Polizei #2: Tanks and AFVs Mix- Anti Partisan and Security Service" (Includes BA-10M AC) (35-C1187); and "Axis & East European Tank Mix #5: Hungarian Tanks in WW2 -39M Csaba Armoured Car" (35-C1195).
November 6th   The November issue from WW sponsor Airfix Model World Magazine has arrived and it contains an article titled "Mother of Invention" by John Paulding.  The article covers his conversion of a 1/35 Italeri M925 Shelter Carrier into an M54 Vietnam Era Gun Truck.
November 5th Today we've posted some photos of an IVECO Lynx Multi-Purpose Protected Vehicle (MPPV) courtesy of the Belgian Ministry of Defence.
November 4th Here's more hobby modeling products that have been announced.  They are Galaxy Hobby’s 1/72 (M1224) Maxx Pro MRAP Model Kit; Mantis Miniatures’ 1/35 Sdkfz 222 Armored Car SS AFV Commander & Accessory Set (35120) and Sdkfz 222 Armored Car Accessory Set (MAC-18), both for the Tamiya Kit.; Panzer Art’s 1/35 German Panhard 178 Armored Car Stowage Set (RE35-521) and Panhard 178 Road Wheels (RE35-388) and T-Models' 1/72 M1114 HMMWV with M153 CROWS II (TM7204).
October 30th We finally got to posting some new photos today. We've put up some additional pics of the Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAPV), courtesy of Don Allen.
October 21st And here are the latest aftermarket hobby modeling products that have been announced; AGV Models’ 1/35 G6 Rhino SPG Muzzle Brake with Canvas Cover (35065); Blast Models’ 1/35 VAB VOA Artillery Observation Vehicle Conversion (BL35345K); DEF Model’s 1/35 M54A2 Cargo Truck Sagged Front Wheel Set #1 - Civilian Type (DW35108), M54A2 Cargo Truck Sagged Front Wheel Set #2 - Military Type (DW35109), and M54A2 Cargo Truck Sagged Rear Wheel Set (DW35110); Echelon Fine Details’ 1/35 “Gun Trucks in Vietnam -Part 1 (M54 5-ton Trucks)” (D356256); FC Model Trend’s 1/35 IDF Jeep MG-34 and Mounts (35534); GB Modelli’s 1/72 IVECO LMV Lince Wheels; MR Models' 1/35 Lanchester Armoured Car Stowage/Gear (MR-35503) for the Copper State Models kit; Real Model’s 1/35 M54 5-Ton Gun Truck "Ace of Spades" Conversion (35165) for the AFV Club Kit; and Voyager Model’s 1/35 US Army M54A2 5-ton Truck Basic Detail Set (PE35964) for the AFV Club Kit and 1/35 JGSDF Type16 MCV L/52 105mm Rifled Gun Barrel (VBS0527) for the Tamiya kit.
October 20th There's been so many hobby modeling product announcements lately, we're going to break them up into two segments.  First, here are the model kits.  They are Airbourne Miniatures’ 1/35 Polaris RZR SW ATV Model with Special Forces Crew (3532) and Polaris RZR SW ATV Model (3533); Attack Kits’ 1/72 Willys “1st CIABG” (1st Czech Independent Armored Brigade) Model Kit (FU72-002); Dragon Models' 1/35 FV603 Saracen APC Model Kit (3577); Hobbyboss’ 1/35 Soviet M3A1 (Late) Scout Car with M30 122mm Howitzer (84537); IBG Models’ 1/35 Lancia 3Ro Truck with 100mm Howitzer Model Kit; and Tiger Model’s 1/35 AMX-10RCR with T-40 CTAS Turret Model Kit (4665).
October 18th Accurate Armour has made a surprise model kit announcement in the form of a 1/35 SAS Longline Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) Mark 1 (K175).
October 11th Today we've added a unique photo to the website (LEFT).  It shows the Ratel Infantry Fighting Vehicle Prototype with soft steel armor plating.  The photo is courtesy of the South African Ditsong National Museum of Military History, via Stephen Tegner.
October 7, 2018 Courtesy of Stephen Tegner, we have some photos of the Rooikat Armored Car Instructional Chassis for posting.

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