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M2A1/M3 Scout Car


Country of Origin/Used by: USA
First Produced/Service Dates: 1937 (both)
Manufactured by: White Motor Car Company. Armored body by Diebold Safe & Lock
Crew: 6-8
Armament: Numerous Armament Configurations Including .30 cal. MG & .50 cal. HMG
Engine: 6-Cylinder 95 hp Gasoline
Miscellaneous Info: Initially evaluated/produced as the M2A1 Scout Car in September 1937, it was quickly improved and renamed the M3 Scout Car that same year.  More improvements were made to the basic design and in 1939, the new vehicle was designated the M3A1 Scout Car.  Only about sixty M2A1/M3's were produced before moving on to the M3A1.
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Reference Source/Provider
M2A1 Scout Car Photos Courtesy of Diebold via Dennis Meares - Oklahoma
M2A1/M3 Scout Car Photos Compiled by Dave Haugh - Content Editor
     M3 Scout Car Photos  US Library of Congress via Mark Holloway - Nevada
  M3 Scout Car Photo (Belgian - Congo 1950's)  Dave Haugh - Content Editor

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M2A1/M3 Scout Car Model Kit (1-033) Commander Models, Inc 1/35 Multi-Media;

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M2A1/M3 Scout Car Model Kit (1/35 Commander Models Display Model) Patrick Keenan - Editor