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Light Armored Vehicle



Country of Origin/Used by: Saudi Arabia
First Produced/Service Dates: 2002-2003
Manufactured by: Hull: General Dynamics Land Systems of Canada (Was GM of Canada); Turret: Delco Systems; Weapon: Royal Ordnance.
Armament: Turret: 120mm Breach Loading Mortar
Engine: 6 Cylinder Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: The 73 LAV M were part of an order for 1117 vehicles in ten variants ordered by the Saudi National guard.  It was first demoed in 1994 and entered service in 2002 - 2003.
Data Sheet Available:   None Available


Reference Source/Provider
Photos of An Saudi National Guard LAV-M Steve Hearn - Southampton, Ontario CANADA

References Available


Reference Source/Provider
General Dynamics Land Systems Website GDLS


Reference Author
Armored Car- A History of American Wheeled Combat Vehicles R.J. Hunnicutt
LAV-25: The Marine Corps' Light Armored Vehicle (Osprey Publishing: New Vanguard #185)
Patrick Keenan's Review at the AMPS Website
James D'Angina
MOWAG Piranha: Wheeled Armour for the Modern Battlefield Stefan Marx (Tankograd Publishing)

Hobby Modeling

Kits and Accessories

Aftermarket Item Manufacturer Scale Other Information
LAV Road Wheel Set (8) Wheels (C006) Accurate Armour 1/35 Resin
LAV Road Wheel Set (8) Wheels Accurate Armour 1/35  
USMC WARLOCK DUKE EWS FOR LAV25/ MORTAR/C2 (BL35159K) Blast Models 1/35 Multi-Media; For Trumpeter Kits
LAV-25 Piranha Tire Set (8) CAM Resin 1/35  

LAV Mirrors (Two Different Releases: 357014 & 357114)

Echelon Fine Details


For Italeri/Revell of Germany Model Kits; "Peel and Stick" Series.

LAV Mirrors (357132)

Echelon Fine Details


For Trumpeter Model Kits; "Peel and Stick" Series.

LAV-25 Series Tires (Early Type) Hobby Fan 1/35  
Mowag/LAV Wheels (8) MR Models 1/35  
LAV Stowage Set (RMA 35140) Real Model 1/35 Resin; Looks like it can be used on any LAV ore even on most modern vehicles.

LAV Lense and Tail Light Set (SKP128)

SKP Model


Resin and Photo Etch Brass; For Trumpeter Kits.

US Marines LAV Stowage Set Verlinden Productions 1/35  

Model Photos

Reference Source/Provider