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FV 1609 Humber "Pig" 1-Ton Prototype

Armored Personnel Carrier



Courtesy of Clive Elliott - Salisbury, UK










One 20 prototype FV 1609 built in 1956. Then 10 passed to the Ministry of Home Affairs for use with the Royal Ulster Constabulary. At that time the rear crew compartment had a roof of just canvas over hoops, despite the rest of the vehicle being armoured. In 1960 the roof was armoured by Belfast Tool & Gauge to make it more like the standard army APC Pig FV 1611 which was produced from 1958 to 1960, although there are about 60 differences between the two models. The most obvious being the more simplistic roof, the basic window flaps, visors & more luxurious rear accommodation. In 1970 it passed back into Army service & was registered as 27 BT 95.