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Humber "Ironside"

Light Reconnaissance Car

Mark 1



Country of Origin/Used by: UK
First Produced/Service Dates: 1941
Manufactured by: Rootes Group (Humber)
Crew: 3
Armament: (2) Bren .303 light machine guns
Engine: (6) Cylinder Petrol
Miscellaneous: The Humber LRC Mk I was built on the Humber Super Snipe chassis, with drive only to the rear wheels (4x2 Configuration). While armor was shaped well, the vehicle was open-topped with minimal protection for the crew. About 200 Mark Is were completed before production switched to the Humber LRC Mark II.  None of the Ironside LRC's saw combat.

The vehicle was also named "Ironside", after General Sir Edmund Ironside, the Chief of the Imperial General Staff and later Commander in Chief of Home Forces.  Other names used for this vehicle were "Humberette" and Super Snipe Light Armoured Car.  Another variant of this vehicle was also created for transportation of VIP's, which was called the Ironside "Special Saloon". The Special Saloon had a wider hull, larger door, enclosed top and more lavish interior furnishings.
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Photo Above Courtesy of David Haugh - Oregon USA

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Humber LRC Mark 1 "Ironside 1" Model Kit (IMA05635) International Models Asia 1/35 Resin;

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