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Bedford RL "Pig" 3-Ton Armoured Truck


Country of Origin/Used by: Great Britain
First Produced/Service Dates: 1951-1967?
Manufactured by: Chassis: Bedford Vehicles; Armored Body: British Army's REME Workshops in Singapore
Crew: 2+20?
Armament: None
Engine: 6-Cylinder Petrol
Miscellaneous Info: The official name for this vehicle was "Truck, 3-Ton 4x4, Armoured (Bedford RL)", but many souces also refer to it as the "Bedford "Pig APC". This vehicle was built on a modified Bedford RL 3-Ton Truck Chassis for use in Malaya, but some also reportedly saw action in Aden, Cyprus, Indonesia and Singapore. 

An interesting bit of research done by Gordon A. Mackinlay of New South Wales, Australia strongly indicates that the Pig's armour plating was provided by the Royal Navy's Dockyard in Singapore; the armour being recovered from the Japanese Heavy Cruiser Takao in September 1946!
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   Bedford RL "Pig" Armored Truck Photo (REME Advanced Workshop Detachment - Malaysia 1965) "RSB"
Bedford RL "Pig" Armored Truck Photos (REME Museum Reserve Collection: SEME Bordon)
Clive Elliott - Editor of The Shorland Site.
Bedford RL "Pig" Armored Truck Photo (Above) UK Ministry of Defence via Dave Haugh - Content Editor

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Bedford RL "Pig" APC Information and Photos Antipodean (New Zealand Army Vehicles) Armour Website
Bedford RL "Pig" APC Information and Photos Malaya/Borneo Veterans 1948-66 Website


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