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Panhard AML-20 Armored Car


Country of Origin/Used by: Ireland
First Produced/Service Dates: Late 1990's
Manufactured by: Chassis: Panhard; Turret: Irish Cavalry Workshops/South African Firms
Crew: 3
Armament: Main: G12 20mm Cannon
Engine: 4 Cylinder
Miscellaneous Info: Modified from a small number of Irish AML 90s and the entire AML 60 C.S. fleet. This armored car shares many of the same parts as the M3 APC.
Data Sheet Available:   None Available


Reference Source/Provider
  Irish Panhard AML-20 Photos Irish Department of Defence
Panhard AML-20 Photos Roy Kinsella - Dublin, Ireland

References Available


Reference Source/Provider
"Irish Army Rarden Turreted Panhard"  By Dennis J. McCarthy Armored Car - The Wheeled Fighting Vehicle Journal (Issue #25)


Reference Author
Irish Army Vehicles: Transport and Armour Since 1922 Karl Martin

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Model Photos

Reference Source/Provider
Irish Panhard AML 20 Model Photos (1/35 Scratchbuilt) Roy Kinsella - Dublin, Ireland