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Humber "Pig" 1 Ton

Armored Personnel Carrier



Courtesy of Dennis Trowbridge - Bristol, UK


(Photos taken at the 2005 Military Vehicle Show at Kemble, UK )


FV 1609 Prototype Pig built in 1956. Has been restored to the specification of the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) in 1962. Still registered with its original Belfast number.


Mk1 Pig APC FV1611 in very original condition. Note the registration number it is a UK civilian number.



FV 1611 Mk 2 Pig Squirt. Designed to squirt irritant dye in riots. Very nicely restored & complete with all the water tanks & pump


(Photographed at Beltring 2005)

(Photo Captions by Clive Elliott - Salisbury, UK)