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FV 1611 Mark 2 Humber "Pig"

1-Ton Armored Personnel Carrier



Courtesy of Keith Paget - Northampton, UK





30 BK 15 has an interesting history:

Struck off census from BAOR (British Army On the Rhine) 18/6/1970; Recovered by REME 32 Central Workshops 18/10/1972;  Struck off census to MVEE (Military Vehicle Engineering Establishment) & renumbered 01 SP 52 (SP = Special Project).


This may well have been as the prototype Mk 2 Pig. Recovered 2/4/1975 as 30 BK 15 for use in Northern Ireland. The smoke dischargers were to project Grenade Anti-Riot L11A1 which contained 23 CS pellets in each grenade.

(Comments by Clive Elliott - Salisbury, UK)