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Armoured Autocar



Country of Origin/Used by: Canada
Service Dates: 1914-1918
Manufactured by: Autocar Company (USA)
Crew: 8

1914: (2) .303 Colt Model 1895/14 Machine Guns; 1916 (2) .303 Vickers Water Cooled MG's;       Optional: (1) .303 Lewis Gun

Engine: 2-Cylinder Gasoline (Horizontally mounted)
Miscellaneous Info: The Armored Autocar was a private initiative by Raymond Marc Pierre Brutinel & Sir Clifford Sifton using funds raised by wealthy Canadian businessmen.  Eight (8) armored vehicles were built along with 12 support/ancillary vehicles; all finished in about 4 weeks.
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Autocar Canadian Machine Gun Carrier Model Kit (DBLS12) Den Bels Models 1/72 Resin.
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